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Make every company, regardless of the industry, try their hand at email market, because not to do it – it simply does not pay off. Artificial intelligence, automation of process elements. It is expect that in the next years, almost of positions in call and contact centers will be liquidat, and their place will be taken by bots. (klientomania, ) Change can happen at a much faster pace. Accord to the Gartner CRM Vendor Gui Report from , by , of all interactions in customer service will be perform by AI. What does artificial intelligence give ? It may not sound alarm, but it is worth not that it will be an increase of compar to.

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This is not a negative change,  no people will to work in this industry. Companies are already experienc problems in find employees, especially for outgo communication. (pulshr, ) Hence, bots can replace consultants in routine activities, while a smaller Algeria Mobile Number List number of positions can translate into more interest work and higher earns. Artificial intelligence can therefore spe up the work of agents, replac them with simple, repetitive activities, such as automatic replies to e-mails, chat or the use of IVR , interactive voice response – an interactive caller service system that enables individual voice announcements.

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The appropriate paths lead to the partment that will solve his problem. Appropriate customer service when call the hotline is also guarante by queu calls. After be direct to the appropriate partment, by dial the appropriate number, the customer waits BTC Database EU for a connection with the consultant. In this way, the system practically turns into an automatic reception sk . Is that all? NO! Queu enables much more complex operations. Take, for example, skill-bas rout, which directs callers to consultants with the right skills . After the system recognizes the number, which will be recogniz in the database as match the appropriate report, such as service in English or industry.

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