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Unit States so they won’t be able to find Kosovo on a map. Lives depend on itsaid Zoldan a member of the delegation who plans to return. in Pristina at the end of May. If they think about Kosovo at all they associate it with tanks ethnic cleansing. They never saw the bright side of it.”This good side will only improve if Serbia Kosovo tax does not affect the amount of. Overpayment shown for refund in this tax return. Of course the taxpayer will not be able to transfer percent. for the benefit of a select public benefit organization when there is no

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Of reading The name of Albania is well. Known in Swen as well. They adequately represent us there as businessmen parliamentarians above all. They are trying to preserve traditions. Albanians have shown that they know how to integrate wherever they Belarus Mobile Number List are settl without breaking away from their roots this is best proven by these three characters. Berat Ismaili Adnan Dibrani Abika Radogoshi-Komoni. Berat Ismaili is another successful Albanian in the world. Ismaili has been chosen by the car manufacturing giant Merces-Benz as the most successful car seller during a year.It start its journey on November Link Academy currently has its centers in two cities of Albania Tirana Vlor.

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He is now the head of Merces

In Helsingborg. Read Who is the most successful Albanian in Swen?Adnan Dibrani is a deputy in the Parliament of Swen which this period is also BTC Database EU running to be part of the European Parliament. He was born in Mitrovica at the age of he immigrat to Swen. He believ that politics is the path of pride for all Albanians. Read: Who is the Albanian deputy in Swen running for the European Parliament!Abika Radogoshi-Komoni even though she lives in Lund Swen since the age of has preserv the Albanian language culture tradition.

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