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For good reason. Accord to the KPMG report “The (Digital) Customer is Our Lord”, companies that work on the best Customer Experience enjoy almost higher revenue growth than their competitors on an annual basis. In the current situation, however, we mainly care about retain customers, spite the difficult market situation. So, in orr to keep up with customers, we should start the race for a better quality of service . Why fight for a loyal customer? Contents Customer loyalty in ecommerce means only profits for the company Higher likelihood of conversion Higher purchase value Most of your income Gain customer loyalty in ecommerce and solve their problems Shar a good opinion is true customer loyalty in ecommerce.

Customer loyalty in ecommerce means

Only profits for the company A loyal customer is times more likely to convert higher value purchases and subsequent purchases of increasly higher value on average most of your revenue shar a good opinion This is especially important now, when good Tunisia Mobile Number List customer reviews, viral social mia and recommend our services can significantly affect sales. The current client recommendation is a treasure at the moment. Many smaller ecommercials currently survive thanks to the fact that loyal customers “work” for their brand, because they appreciat the quality of service earlier. Higher likelihood of conversion A satisfi customer will gladly come back to us.

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The quality of service, he naturally comes back because we are his first and most convenient choice. Such a customer increases our conversion. And there is a times higher chance for this than for a customer who has us our service only once so far to come back BTC Database EU to us. Higher purchase value Customer loyalty in ecommerce is not only repeat purchases. It is also a larger basket and a gradual increase in the amounts spent. A customer who trusts our company is not only ready to make more purchases, but above all he is involv in other activities services, other products, events, train. That is why they are the best investment because they are profitable in the long term and on various levels.

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