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Appear in the branch with whom he could talk. Both sis are happy here. What is the advantage of this solution over others that are us today in customer service? Contact with the other person we see on the screen is important. Especially if we’ve had contact with him in the ward before. When people meet in the digital world, but see each other, it is a much better experience than, for example, talking via messenger or phone. The customer can be sure that he is in contact with a representative of the financial institution, this is a very important aspect for every bank. This is what we hear from our customers who share their experience with us after using this service.

For them trust is very important

Because the conversation often concerns issues important to them, such as savings or investment plans. Do you think this sign is generation-specific? The use of banking by different generations is changing we can see it in the research. An example is, for example, statistics showing how few people currently make transfers in branches, which was a standard Uganda Mobile Number List years ago. However, it must be remember that in a regulat industry such as banking, it is impossible to fully go digital. Even digital nomads” will get a letter from the bank to which they will have to react, because these are the regulations. then they can ci whether they will look for the nearest bank branch or use the opportunity offer by virtual contact with an advisor settle the matter via the Internet in minutes.

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Therefore the Virtual branch project

Something in between. Some of the processes can be complet thanks to KYC, customer intification during a vio call. However, there are studies showing that the next generations are not as trusting of technology as we see today. They BTC Database EU prefer a visit to a branch, a conversation with a bank representative, because for them it is the right level of trust that technology does not provi. This is the complete opposite of – -year-olds, who willingly use digitization, because it allows them to get things done in a dozen or so minutes. The younger generations see it differently. On the other hand, with this project we reach customers who use technology less often, not only because of their age.

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