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Information on the behavior of people in relation to the present offer In this case we can distinguish: product features, ie all factors that make the product attractive to the recipient, occasions  situations that will affect the purchase (eg Christmas shopping), the status of the person in relation to the product, including information on whether the recipient has already us the product or is using it for the first time, loyalty to the br  product, defining attachment to a particular company, the intensity of use of the product (whether it is frequent or occasional), degree of readiness to purchase a product.

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Including all intermiate phases between making a decision to purchase a given product, attitude towards the product, regarding the recipient’s attitude to purchase, according to which it is easier to encourage people with a positive attitude to the offer to Colombia Mobile Number List take action than those who have a negative attitude towards it GEOGRAPHICAL CRITERIA One of the key elements in determining your target audience is the geographic scope it covers It may be limit to a specific area or vice versa Most often, however, it will concern people residing in a given area of ​​our country In the case of stationary.

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Businesses with a local reach, it will usually cover single cities In the case of online stores, the geographical area applies to the whole of Pol or its individual regions It’s a good idea to take a close look at your customers’ location so you can tailor BTC Database EU your ads to those customers In geographical factors, we can specify elements relat to: region – for example, state, province, city, etc place of residence – for example, a village, a city, a big city, the size of the city distance to a specific place (for example, from a shop) WHY IS IT WORTH DEFINING THE TARGET GROUP.

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