The Customer Can Make Vio Call From

This is due to several things. There is no ne to install the application on your phone, on any vice, sktop computer, laptop or smartphone. An important condition is access to the Internet, because the link is the key to the connection. We liberately simplifi the operation of this service to make it as accessible as possible to the wist possible range of customers, even with an operating system from several years ago. what about the trend regarding the aging of the population or people with disabilities. How is this service doing here? Recently, we have complet a project to or people with disabilities, in accordance with the WCAG (Web Content Access Guis) guilines.

Implement digital accessibility

This shows how our bank is open to the nes of different people. The Virtual Branch” project fits into this concept. The customer does not have to have the camera turn on during the conversation. This is to meet the nes of customers who report such information South Africa Mobile Number List to us in the service research. It is important that the advisor has a camera on the client sees that he is talking to a bank advisor, a living person. The tool itself is maximally simplifi, the condition is to have the Internet a vice from which we can connect. The technological barrier is very low. If there are , a chat is available during the conversation, if you ne to enter something additional.

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Any problems with communication

At any time, the advisor can display his screen to show what nes to be done in the customer panel. Blog article WCAG . Checklist – check if you are ready for new standards of digital accessibility read more Does this solution also help advisors in BTC Database EU branches? Advisors have specific time frames plann when they see clients during a vio call. This helps them organize their work in such a way as to efficiently al with the nes of customers. Saving time is key, because what usually takes over an hour a half in a branch, during such a conversation they are able to close in about minutes. This is also due to the fact that there are fewer distractions, other people around. You can talk directly, specifically, it spes up the whole process.

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