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Thanks to this,getting to know this platform more thoroughly should not be a problem. Knowing the basic information, we can go to the debunking of popular myths about Google Ads Myth Users do not click on paid ads There are often voices that Google Ads is unprofitable because users do not click on results mark as advertising. However, this is a misconception – if this was the case, Google would not develop this system further. Their revenue from paid advertising in amount to USD million. It is worth noting that the Google Ads ad in the search engine appears at the top above the organic results.

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Google Ads at the very top of what the search engine shows. Often it is the first search results, so in practice most of the screen is occupi by results from paid campaigns. Many people may not even notice that a given result is mark as an ad, especially 1000 Mobile Phone Number List since in recent years Google has become less less visually distinguishable between advertising results natural results. Display campaigns can also be very effective if they catch the user’s attention with their form. The use of Google Ads is therefore profitable, but you should remember that you ne to properly use the existing potential provide the recipient with advertising content tailor to their search intentions.

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Page will be click you will get a valuable visit to your website. Myth Google Ads affect SEO Another myth about Google Ads is their alleg influence on positioning. Some people may believe that paid ads will automatically improve your site’s position in BTC Database EU organic search results. This is wrong thinking. Google Ads has no direct impact on SEO It should be not, however, that the simultaneous combination of both of these forms of Internet marketing can greatly improve website traffic ultimately increase sales. Entrepreneurs may also sometimes wonder what is better – positioning or Google Ads It all depends on the goal you want to achieve.

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