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February Tax rollercoaster legislative chaos in the law is growing. Recent changes in the law have not made the work of accountants tax advisors any easier. In addition, the frequency of their introduction is increasing. The main areas of interest of the tax administration authorities include, among others issues of withholding tax WHT, transfer pricing, VAT restructuring. These are the main conclusions of the Tax Rollercoaster report that has just been publish. Krzysztof Koślicki February , PIT settlement for is now possible it is a big challenge not only for taxpayers HOME FINANCE PIT ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR On Wnesday, February , the season for submitting annual PIT for start.

This settlement will be special

There are a number of changes that ne to be taken into account. Including introduction then liquidation of relief for the middle class. Taxpayers now have to count the tax without relief. But if it turns out that its use would be beneficial the tax office will Brazil Mobile Number List return the money. More than a million people, however, will have to pay extra. Czytaj więcej The death of a disabl person does not take away the chance to benefit from the rehabilitation relief THEME OF THE DAY Grazyna J. Lesniak PIT CIVIL LAW NEWS Date add The rehabilitation relief is available to both the widower or widow the child of the parent who.

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Then the method of settlement

Will be different but you will be able to recover the money spent by the deceas on drugs, rehabilitation or prostheses. There are only two conditions the BTC Database EU deceas had to have a certificate of disability, relatives who would like to settle these expenses in the tax return for must have documents confirming their incurrence, VAT invoices. This is the last moment to take care of it. Share the article add to Favorites The death of such a close person as a parent or spouse regardless of whether it happen during or after its end does not preclude the possibility of a widow spouse or a child as an heir benefiting from the rehabilitation allowance.

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