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The product and arrang a meet for a sales representative lead generation – obtain data and contacts for people potentially interest in buy our product or service. survey research – call the cold base for statistical purposes or market research maintain relations – maintain contact with the client As part of inbound, we distuish: BOK – Customer Service Office accept orrs – if the customer does not want to fill out the form, he places an orr by phone complaints service As part of this classification, we ne to fine what type of campaign our CC partment will be al with. It is also important how many records will be handl by each consultant.

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Bases When it comes to records contacts to be call by CC employees, they must be taken from databases. These databases can be purchas or creat inpenntly. What is the difference? Bases bought On the market, you can buy ready-ma Kazakhstan Mobile Number List databases of contacts that you can call. It is divid into so-call cold call , numbers to people who have not had contact with our offer before, and hot” records, contacts to people who may already be potentially interest in buy (in this case, we use a metaphor relat to temperature – the hotter” the records are , the sooner you should contact them to turn them into leads.

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Databases are own databases. These are contacts generat by our own market or sales. termin what databases we will use and how many records we should call daily on average is a key issue that will allow us to calculate how many people we ne for BTC Database EU our CC. Call center partment: Hotline The helpline is the service of incom calls to the company. Thanks to this, you can create dicat numbers that your customers can call in case of any questions or problems. The hotline can be a very good form of contact with the customer. Through an appropriate IVR, an interactive caller service system that enables individual voice announcements, a given person can be rirect to the appropriate paths lead to the partment that will solve their problem.

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