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Group is that the sale of goods the provision of services within it is not subject to VAT. There will also be no ne to issue invoices via the National eInvoice System between the entities forming the group. Accounting notes will be issu. It’s a big relief. Such, among others the conclusion results from the th ition of the KPMG Tax Accounting Congress. Czytaj więcej Criminal tax sanctions make it difficult to do business Krzysztof Koślicki FINANCE ORDYNACJA TAX ADVISOR NEWS Date add Polish law is becoming more more restrictive. Business owners are more more often.

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Calibre the penalties for tax offenses are still increasing. Such, among others the conclusions result from the report present on Thursday, prepar by the Business Center Club in cooperation with the Ożóg Tomczykowski law firm. Share the article add to Austria Phone Numbers List Favorites Adding a new type of billing offenses to the Penal Code , punishable by up to years in prison, as well as equipping tax authorities with tools for surveillance of taxpayers’ bank accounts without informing them of this fact, are just some of the changes assess by experts as too repressive blocking the development of Polish companies.

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That the number of convicts in connection with committing fiscal crimes has been increasing for several years The scale of repression by the tax authorities is increasing year by year this makes it very difficult to do business in Pol. The data collect by the Ożóg BTC Database EU Tomczykowski Law Firm the Business Center Club show that, for example, in , only people out of , entrepreneurs against whom proceings were pending in courts were acquitt. notes Elżbieta Glapiak, director of the Department of Analyzes Economic Initiatives of Business Center Club. Read in LEX Penalty proceings in cases of fiscal offenses See also In , penalties for misdemeanors fiscal crimes will increase twice Increasing severity of penalties.

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