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The time it takes to establish a connection until the voicemail is activat takes about to seconds , pend on the operator . Then there is the reaction time of the interlocutor, who will not realize in the same second that he is talk to an automaton. The reaction time is on average about second, while break the connection takes about – seconds ( we measur everyth! ). In this case, we lose an average of half a minute wait and about – seconds to react and disconnect. Okay, but – seconds in total is not that much. Count how many times a day this happens. A dozen of  which, on a monthly basis, turn into hours. Not to mention the annual scale.

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In the case of PBX, there is no such problem due to the AMD ( answer machine tection ) mechanism, which tects the voice mailbox, automatically disconnect the call. More efficient The virtual switchboard also ensures greater efficiency . With it, you Estonia Mobile Number List can, for example, take several users into one group intifi by a common number. Such a connection is signal in the handsets of all persons assign to the group or in the telephone select accord to specific parameters ( randomly, linearly or carousel). Also, other functions of the virtual exchange system are able to ensure greater efficiency than in the case of its stationary counterpart. In the system, you can easily specify data or annotations about customers.

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Can mark which people the system should not call, which also saves a lot of time. . Automation The virtual exchange is also greater automation. By choos such a service, we can set: integration with telephone numbers already enter in the BTC Database EU database, call forward, transferr a call to another user or outsi the PBX, abbreviat extension numbers , direct call pickup function , tak over a call from a busy or unattend phone, “do not disturb” function the possibility of cooperation with equipment in the SIP standard , electronic fax service , numbers for outgo calls, restrict the presentation of numbers for outgo calls, number block rules . And other features that can also be customiz individually pend on your nes.

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