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Mium-siz companies varies between PLN , and PLN. This price inclus, for example, from to analog trunk lines, from to analog internal ports and from to GSM ports, pend on the service. By choos a virtual PBX, you save on the installation itself, and its maintenance costs are much lower with greater system capabilities. Here, the price is limit only to the subscription, which also applies to the stationary PBX (so the calculation is relatively simple) . Easy setup No ne to purchase and connect a telephone exchange is also associat with easier configuration of the virtual exchange . Instead of service and technical support, all you ne to do is purchase the service on the website of the company offer such solutions.

Configuration is done via the web

Panel and can be done completely remotely . We can get all , such as: telephone, e-mail or chat with the company from which we purchas the service. Data in the cloud The cloud is a virtual online disk, which means that the data stor on it are available El Salvador Mobile Number List from anywhere in the world. Thanks to this, both you and your team can work, remotely , without worry about the location. This is an advantage that a stationary exchange can only dream about, not to mention the fact that it takes up space in the office in the form of not only the vice itself, but also cables, which we will not experience in the case of the cloud. The logistic puzzle (where to put it?) is solv like a Gordian knot.

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Outsourc The virtual exchange is commission as an external service , which means that the user does not care about its service. This means that the supplier is responsible for: installation, initial configuration, further service and system maintenance. On BTC Database EU the other hand, updates of the virtual PBX take place automatically . In the case of a stationary exchange, everyth from the purchase and installation of the vice to the follow-up of any updates or service solutions must come from the customer and be unr his control. Better organization The virtual switchboard is connect to the CRM system.

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