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See also Settlements within the VAT group without the obligatory KSeF Read also National eInvoices System KSeF legal context, technical challenges practical consequences for entrepreneurs Main changes in the KSeF project Postponing the entry into force of the Act from January , to July , Extension by an additional six months of the deadline for the implementation of the KSeF by taxpayers subjectively objectively exempt from VAT the KSeF will be matory for them from January , Invoices from cash registers can be issu in their current form until December , The receipt with the NIP number will be recogniz as a simplifi invoice until December , Consumer invoices B C will not be cover by KSeF. Tickets that function as invoices including receipts on toll motorways are exclud from KSeF.

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Also be exclud from KSeF. The foreign currency exchange rate us for conversion into will be maintain from the day precing the date indicat in field P_ of the structur invoice for one additional day to be sent to KSeF. In the event of a failure on the part of the taxpayer, it is possible to issue invoices offline outside the KSeF deliver the invoice to the KSeF on the next Argentina Mobile Number List business day after issuing it offline. Clarification of the date of issue other issues important for the invoicing process during failures in offline mode. In the period of failure in offline mode, it will be allow to issue correcting invoices. Liberalization of sanctions their application only from January Elimination of corrective notes in KsEF outside KsEF. Many aspects have been improv in accordance with the proposals of entrepreneurs.

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Foreign entities with a permanent place of business in Pol in the matory KSeF was still maintain, which may be problematic for them their contractors. In this regard, however, it is plann to maintain the right to duct input VAT for the buyer even if the BTC Database EU invoice is issu outside the KSeF, despite such an obligation emphasizes Arkadiusz Łagowski, tax advisor , partner at Chojnacka Łagowski Doradcy Podatkowi. KSeF will contribute to business development According to the Ministry of Finance, the implementation of KSeF will allow for the optimization of invoicing processes, document circulation invoicing systems us by entrepreneurs. Structur data from invoices is a new stard accelerates further automates the processing of these documents their automatic archiving.

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