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Automation is important, but human contact is still the basis of customer service Half of the responnts cite an insufficient amount of process automation as one of the main reasons for inefficiency in contact center operations. of consumers still prefer human interaction, even as automat solutions improve. The fact that as many as of responnts want to talk to people is not a big surprise. Even though automat solutions are becoming more and more popular, we still ne a human to provi the empathy and personaliz experience we usually expect when contacting customer service partments. of responnts choose the phone to contact the customer service partment. spite the existence of bots and automation of customer contacts with the company are phone and interactions. Onethird of customers who left a business relationship in the last year did so because of a lack of personalization.

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Physical infrastructure of switching to the cloud mol, agents are less prone to downtime. Using the physical infrastructure meant the loss of many thousands of zlotys. of contact centers that have mov to the cloud have done so because of financial Bolivia Mobile Number List flexibility. This business mol takes expensive capital expenditure (CAPEX) off the balance sheet and shifts to a much more manageable and prictable operating cost (OPEX). The retention rate of contact center consultants working from home is . For agents working from the office, it’s only . The trend of remote and/or hybrid work has gain importance due to the panmic, but also after its end, some employees will choose working from home as their preferr mol of cooperation.

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The contact center system in the cloud is a solution that will work well both for remote work and work at the company’s headquarters. Many channels, many customers – why is omnichannel a business necessity? of consumers use three to five BTC Database EU different communication channels when contacting customer service. out of consumers expect access to multiple channels of communication with the company, with a seamless experience through each of them. of consumers want a consistent experience across multiple channels social, mobile, online, in person or over the phone. If these expectations are not met.

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