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This can be done by using white text that blends with  of the website is visible only after it is select (as in the example below). This technique is strongly condemn by search engines. Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO should be avoid for several reasons. First, search engines like Google can easily detect these techniques penalize your site for them. This can lead to your page being remov from search results, making it harder for potential customers to find. Secondly, Black Hat SEO techniques may not be sustainable This means that your page may rank higher in search results for a short period of time, but its visibility will eventually decline.

This will have negative impact organic traffic

You get Black Hat SEO techniques can also damage your website’s reputation This can lead to customers avoiding your page, thus rucing its authority. A website adapt to Black Hat SEO is not very user-friendly negatively affects their experience. Fines from Google Google takes a strong stance against sites that use the Black Hat SEO method. A page that uses any Bulgaria Phone Number List of these techniques may be punish with a filter or remov from search results altogether Google is currently able to detect these techniques very quickly, so it doesn’t pay to take that risk. But what if there was a penalty? Is there any way to fix this situation? If you find that your site has been using any of the Black Hat SEO techniques has been penaliz by Google, it is important to take action as soon as possible.

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Website optimization techniques

You should remove any Black Hat SEO techniques from your website make sure you follow the guidelines set by the search engine. Only then is it possible to request a reindex of the site. You can check some of the filters impos on your website in the BTC Database EU Google Search Console tool From the information provid in it, you can find out about the reason for the penalty, the scope corrective actions. Summary White Hat Black Hat SEO are two different types of . White Hat SEO follows the guidelines set by search engines like Google while Black Hat SEO goes against them. However, keep in mind that breaking or rules of the search engine may result in the imposition of a penalty on the site.

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