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On the other hand, the prices of domestic calls reach the orr of a few pennies, while calls within one network are always free. VoIP telephony also has a big advantage, which is the lack of subscription fees. Us this technology, you only pay for calls ma and not additional services, as is the case with most operators. Thus, us VoIP telephony, we only pay for calls, without pay for the use of the phone. In addition, in the case of a subscription service, we often have additional functionalities that are not really ne to make calls or use the Internet, and only generate costs. VoIP telephony only requires access to the Internet.

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Unnecessary and when chang, the company keeps all exist numbers. In addition, VoIP telephony also brs other advantages. First of all, telephone numbers are not assign to a given location, but to the company, in the event of a change of headquarters Peru Mobile Number List or a business triprelocation of the headquarters abroad, the number is retain and available from the place where we are currently locat. You can even use landline to mobile forward in case of high mobility. Secondly, by opt for VoIP telephony, it is possible to purchase not only local telephone numbers, but also foreign ones.

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Example a British number, because we have customers from Great Britain and we want them to see the British area co. We can do the same with numbers from another province. If the company has a nationwi or global reach, it may have different telephone BTC Database EU numbers for different regions and countries, thanks to which customers will also have cheaper calls to the company (this applies in particular to foreign numbers). Thirdly, VoIP requires connect to a virtual PBX, which, as we have already said, also saves costs and is easier to administer (check the article reasons why you should choose a virtual PBX) VoIP telephony for businesses VoIP telephony is a solution suitable for both large and small companies.

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