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Other Internet-age threats. Therefore, hav the latest. Version of the system, you are guarante the best possible protection of your data and business continuity. Ongo technical support for the virtual exchange Since, as we have already mention. The operation of your virtual exchange pends on the efficiency of the technical service of the provir, you must have the support guarante in the contract. You do not have technicians or IT specialists in your company with access to the insi of the system. In this way, one of the main advantages of the cloud – no ne to hire additional people or add additional duties to employees.

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If you do not have aquate, ongo support from. The virtual exchange provir. The first line of support, scrib and guarante in the contract, should be the Iran Mobile Number List customer service office (BOK) or help/service sk of the supplier. Ultimately, however, the availability and operation of your virtual PBX will be ensur by a service level agreement (SLA). You can read about why it is so important to you, what it contains and what you should pay attention to when sign it in the article ” SLA – what is it and why you cannot do without it.

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The virtual PBX and telephony system in your company. Read these articles: Which PBX will be best for a small business. Why do most companies BTC Database EU choose a VoIP phone? Virtual or stationary exchange in the company. Reasons why you ne to know the statistics of telephone calls in the company quota limits, music on hold configuration. Access to the record server. Dial features If we are interest in telemarket and dial, we must pay attention to the follow aspects: Plain Dial – the agent uses the entire database of records, select connections on its own.

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