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This will result in significant changes in tax settlement. Some of them will apply from June , others will remain with taxpayers until the end of the year. The tax consequences of canceling the epidemic will affect those settling PIT, CIT, VAT excise duty. May Change in the taxrucing advance payment preferences for fulltime employees PIT ACCOUNTING From July , the government announc a change in the rules for applying the taxfree amount by payers. Significant changes are to apply to multitime employees, people earning income from, for example, several employment contracts, combining fulltime employment with retirement, or employment contracts contracts of mate.

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Will be able to indicate up to three who can apply the amount rucing the tax. Joanna Jezewska May , The antiavoidance clause restricts individual interpretations CIT VAT ORDINANCE The complexity of the regulations by Polish Governance result in an Azerbaijan Mobile Number List increase in the number of requests for individual interpretations. However, the director of KIS regularly refuses to issue tax interpretations, citing the possibility of applying the antiavoidance clause. Experts warn that this may lead to an increase in the already numerous court disputes between taxpayers tax authorities. Wieslawa Moczydlowska May , The TV may be a lawyer’s tax expense.

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The purchase of a TV set other equipment us to provide services remotely as tax costs. not only in a situation where the devices are us in the office, but also if the entrepreneur uses them at home, even in a room that is not us exclusively for BTC Database EU business. Wieslawa Moczydlowska You can adjust your annual tax return HOME PIT FINANCES Regardless of whether we have chosen electronic settlement via the Twoj PIT system or we have sent our annual tax return in a traditional form to the tax office, we can submit its correction at any time. The reasons for correcting the settlement should be justifi in order to avoid being summon to the office additional explanations.

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