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The use of this setting will also be justifi when wethat we will omit people who have already made a purchase or are fans of our company profile. An effective way to use this feature is also to exclude users who live in a given location. As you can see, there are many possibilities, the effects obtain as a result of their implementation may exce your expectations! You do not attach the tracking code to the page Certainly, you have often had contact with a situation where, after entering the advertisement of a given br familiarizing yourself with their offer, the product or service you view later appear in various Facebook locations – this is the effect of re- marketing.

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Although this type of advertising is consider one of the most effective, many advertisers still skip it in their activities. What it comes from? Most likely due to the lack of awareness of the existence of the Pixel , the tracking code that is plac in the <head> section Hong Kong Phone Numbers List of the website. It is thanks to it that we are able to reach people who have made a specific interaction within your website again. Pixel’s capabilities are much greater than re-marketing itself. The tracking code allows us to analyze traffic on the website, track conversions, as well as measure events within it, such as purchases, submitting a form or adding a product to the basket. With the use of Pixel we can.

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Reach each of these groups (provid that it has a minimum of , people), then in an appropriate way persuade them to finalize the purchase BTC Database EU or encourage them to familiarize themselves with the offer again. Implementing Pixel using its potential will change your current approach to advertising, sales in your business will enter a much higher level. You implicitly trust Facebook’s recommendations Throughout the process of creating an ad, as well as after its implementation,  there are also automatic rules that the platform recommends to each advertiser.

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