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Okay and how does the registration for individual accounts look like? It is very simple! The end user sends a request to the e-mail address of the Customer Service Office of a given company. They will then receive an email with a link to register . Then he goes to the website and registers by sett a password. After these steps, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link. When he clicks on the link, he will be able to log in and, for example, change the language to English or enter a new password. From now on, the end user can send reports from the Panel level.

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Respond to this ticket” button in the case of an exist ticket or create a new ticket. It can also search for notifications by filter them . Report ID Report subject Report status Report type notification SLA The date the request was created In this way, the China Mobile Number List customer gets the opportunity to easily and quickly handle requests, without hav to send e-mails from the inbox. The entire contact history is saved in threads that can be easily found thanks to the appropriate filtAutomation in customer service processes is now a necessary element of the service itself. So woe to those who do not use process think and the help of technology in the workflow.

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How to do it and what are the benefits of it, we will tell you in the next article. Customer service as a process We can think of customer service as a process , a set of activities repeated for each task, follow a specific pattern. Customer service is just one of BTC Database EU the processes in an organization . Other examples of processes can be bt collection, sales, market activities or invoice settlement. However, customer service is a special process, because it is not only an internal issue of the organization, but needs to take into account the points of contact with the customer, customer experience.

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