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Perhaps it is not in your nature you are reluctant to approach this form of  but this is not a sufficient reason to exclude this idea from your strategy. The potential for activity in this case is very high! Here are some suggestions: rebuses; puzzles; quizzes; crosswords; puzzles. Source: KFC profile on Facebook Source: KFC profile on Facebook Remember that this format of an engaging fb post should take into account your br . For example, when choosing a rebus – let the password be an item or category from your assortment or a service provid. On the other h, if puzzles are particularly close to you, consider a question relat to your industry.

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By your imagination! Show your business “from the inside” Nothing engages the community like revealing a secret about the ongoing production or presenting the people behind the br’s activities. Think about what you could present to your Canada Mobile Number List audience – what is important – could really interest them. It will be something different for each industry, but the effect is always the same: numerous likes positive feback in the comments section. Already know what you will use on your company profile? The most popular idea for engaging posts on fb? Let users give feback! Another extremely effective idea for an engaging Facebook post is giving your audience a voice.

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Be sure to test them all! Through reactions Do you run an online store? Consider putting two products together asking Facebook users for their opinion express by the appropriate reaction, which one they would choose for themselves or fits their BTC Database EU taste more. It is also a great way to get to know their preferences regarding the product that is about to enter the offer. There is no shortage of ideas in this category! Source: E. Wel profile on Facebook Source: E. Wel profile on Facebook survey This form of post can be us in a similar way as in the example above. However, unlike voting with reactions, where we use prepar graphics in the post, here we reach for a Facebook tool – a survey.

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