5 Ways to Target Facebook Ads for E Commerce


Why do we need to setup a sales funnel style facebook ads report?
The answer is for us to better understand the performance. Of the ads that are running, where are the problems or strengths of the ads we make.

I take an example; ad a received many link clicks, but no sales resulted. By looking at the sales funnel-style report, we will be able to see at. Which level the conversion does not occur. There we can fix problems that may not be visible if we. Don’t setup our ad report like a sales funnel.

Tick on save as preset to make it easier for you to access

This report format in the future then click the apply button.
Facebook ads is a very popular and effective advertising platform in generating sales for e-commerce websites. Today I want to share 5 ways that I always use to target facebook ads for e-commerce websites.

5. Target fans
As we know, postings on fanpages are telemarketing lists not displayed (reach) to all fans who like the page. From my observation, only about 1-2% of fans see our posts. The rest, we have to pay for our ads to reach them.

Some people ask, do we need to make ads for our own fans? My answer, yes, yes & yes! This is an audience that already knows us, maybe has interacted with us, maybe already likes us (if they don’t like us, how can they like our page?). So this audience is one of the easiest to close sales on the website because they already know and trust us. This audience is much better quality than the audience that doesn’t know who we are and never likes our page.

Target lookalike audience

If we have basic data (custom audience), we can create a lookalike audience and then target this audience. In the case of an e-commerce website, I will usually BTC Database EU use an existing customer database, upload it to a custom audience then build a 1% lookalike audience. Facebook will look for user avatars that are almost the same as the customer database and we can target this audience for our advertising.

Target interest behavior is the most popular and easy to understand method of targeting facebook ads. For e-commerce websites, apart from targeting keywords related to the products you sell, don’t forget to target customers who usually buy online using shopping carts. This makes it easier to carry out conversions on the website and not on whatsapp or email manually.

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