Facebook Page Connecting Function & Email Autoresponder


Facebook now allows facebook page owners to easily connect their pages and email autoresponder services (or crm – customer relationship management).

As we know, the data obtained (email, phone number etc) from the campaign to collect leads on facebook only lasts for 90 days. If we do not export this data to another place, it will be deleted automatically after 90 days.

The advantages of this function are;
Sync function – so you don’t need to download every time you want to export to another place
Data is safe – not deleted automatically if you forget to export to another place
Currently supported autoresponder email services include.

Type the crm service you want to use then select

Then the connect button will appear. Click on it.
How can we mimic this technique?
The first time I saw this technique telemarketing list providers on booking.Com, I felt it was difficult to replicate. Until I browsed my friend’s e-commerce website that uses wordpress + woocommerce and he used the same technique on his website.
Tajuk : the rise of content & commerce
Content & commerce 2017 opening keynote featuring ryan deiss
In this video, we will learn about
Content driven commerce – in other words, content marketing. I am interested in some current trends when content publishers start moving towards commerce and commerce starts moving towards content publishers.

Curated commerce solve product search problems

I am interested in the market trend which is starting to attract companies that specialize in one product only
Community driven commerce – build a BTC Database EU community for customers who are willing to pay for the privilege

Apart from targeting, sales scripts, pictures, etc., one of the most important elements in Facebook Ads is the report. I can say, the report is the EYES of all the advertisements we make. From this report we can SEE (understand) what results we get after spending so much on Facebook Ads.

The sales funnel is a chronological form of a stranger turning into a customer. Understanding the stages in the sales funnel makes it easier for us to identify problems or strengths throughout the activity of offering a product.

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