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Moreover accord to the Consumer Ombudsman, in orr to obtain such compensation, it is enough to properly monstrate that there was a failure , specify the amount of damage, which may even exceed the value of the subscription, and present a cause and effect relationship between the failure and the damage. The lack of compensation should only occur if the supplier manages to prove that the failure occurred for external reasons. . Choose a good supplier As they say, a wise Pole is after the damage, but  It’s hard to choose a livery that can guarantee us full security, because there is no such.

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The best operator with the maximum security guarantee. However, how to check whether a given supplier will be able to guarantee this security? First of all, accord to the provisions on the security of telecommunications networks and services Canada Mobile Number List provid in them (Chapter VIIa of the Telecommunications Law of ), the operator must ensure the security and integrity of the network, services and the transmission of messages in connection with the services provid . This means that the operator is only responsible for its own network. He must also adapt the security of the service to the appropriate risk.

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The security of suppliers can be relative, as it is not regulated by any top-down legal standards. This, unfortunately, makes failures more and more frequent. Another issue that operators must fend against is also hacker attacks. Therefore, you should always BTC Database EU ask about the security of data transfer before choos a provir. Business customers should be especially careful, because ” Interrupt or limit the service at the end of the network is dangerous for an ordinary user, but extremely dangerous for an entrepreneur” (source In this case, it is often worth choos one provir that will be.

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