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Expert comments In my opinion we cop with the project. Successfully since the work in the direction of SEO was carri out at the stage of creating the store. This approach. Eliminat the ne to spend several months auditing refining. The second condition which is matory for the successful. Implementation of all the tasks set is well-coordinat. Communication with developers. Both teams did not just do their job but act together harmoniously which made it possible to. Provide the client with a new online store optimiz for search engine promotion in a short time. Konstantin Buravikin Project Manager Department Project Conclusions Results Achiev As practice has shown SEO at the site creation stage is a rational solution that allows you to efficiently spend money time.

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Pool of requirements for usability technical. Optimization we mov on to full-flg. Optimization collecting the core meta tags for future web pages preparing tasks for texts drawing up a strategy to increase the link mass. This will be discuss in more detail in another case. The result of our work was a new online store sharpen for search. Engines with a detail Poland Phone Number List structure. Since the development was carri out at the same time as SEO we were able to spe up the. Work by several months. CRM for food delivery service Content Why CRM for a food delivery service Benefits of CRM for food delivery Requir CRM Features Stages of CRM development for a food delivery company.

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Individual CRM system for food delivery from Wezom The main task of the food delivery service is to ensure communication between the company the client. Many work processes take place inside the company including the organization of couriers’ logistics BTC Database EU ordering distribution of tasks. CRM system for food delivery allows you to¬† of employees improve. Communication with customers. Why CRM for a food delivery service The high level of competition the ever-increasing nes of customers oblige the food delivery company to develop new business approaches marketing strategies unique solutions that help capture the interest of users.

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