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Scary lists are transform into intuitive children’s drawings. What is the power of the mind map What is the power of the mind map Thinking cards are indispensable when you ne to visualize something complex or catch the main thing in the flow of meanings. Associativity Even people who see a mind map for the first time usually get the gist of it quickly. This is because the mind map represents new ideas through the experience already familiar to the person. Step by step The ease of perception of the map comes from the fact that its ideas concepts form a kind of ladder. The building of the mind map tree is carri out in stages in the most convenient way for the human brain – from the general to the particular.

Concentration Building  mind map

Forces you to focus on the main thing connect disparate elements with each other. Thus in a chaotic creative process a system is reveal. Flexibility Russia Phone Number List Unlike multi-page lists documents mind maps are easy to modify. Finding removing excess on it is not difficult as well as adding new elements. How do we use the mind map For us mind maps are just one of the tools in communicating with the customer. At the stage of negotiations the mind map can be us say to present our strengths in comparison with competitors.

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Before starting work together with the client

We form a common understing of  project we find the key nes of his business. At times it is a holistic process – a complete journey from a crude idea to a well-thought-out plan. Only after that it becomes possible to build the structure of a new product BTC Database EU conduct UX research create prototypes. At this stage the concept of a new product is born. For example a well-develop site scheme according to which you can draw the first conclusions about its structure design. At this point it is already easy for developers to imagine the final result of the work. Unfortunately the same cannot usually be said for the client.

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