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We invite you to read! Before we get to the merits, let’s stop at the term conversion , which is us in many contexts, but basically means “change/transformation” (accord to the PWN Dictionary). However, in market it will be unrstood more as a ” transition” , an action expect by the senr perform by the website visitor, translat into the goal set by the website owner. Why do we care about increas conversions? So the purpose of the conversion can be, for example: click on the advertis banner, mak a purchase, fill the form, registration, file download. Increas conversions and strategy Conversion is fundamental to all market activities that take place on the Internet. Conversion rate is us to measure it .

A good conversion rate is certain

Percentage of the expect actions that were taken by the recipients. To calculate it, divi these activities by the number of all recipients.  of the conversion is to make a purchase, we calculate the ratio by divid the people who ma the purchase by the number Australia Mobile Number List of all people who enter the item’s website. You already know that a good conversion rate has a real impact on revenue growth . You also know how to measure it. So the only question is how to increase it? And this will be a key issue for you if you want your market activities to be effective. Analysis First of all, in orr to increase conversion , you should start with a thorough analysis of website traffic.

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This means for example that if the purpose

For this purpose, you ne to take care of the program for measur statistics. The most popular is, of course, Google Analytics , which may not be the best tool, but certainly the most common, which gives some cribility to its statistics. However, it is not worth BTC Database EU limit yourself to the page itself. Let us also monitor the behavior of users enter our Social Mia channels and other tools that allow us to measure comprehensive market activities. . Content However, we cannot stop at analysis alone. This is only the first step to increas conversions, which should lead to work on the offer. After analyz the behavior of users visit our website, we must ensure that our content is adapt to them.

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