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It can be stationary or virtual . If you choose the virtual option ( check what is PBX ), we can integrate it with the CRM system and thus gain better organization for less money. Choos a virtual PBX can provi a number of benefits (see the article PBX for companies – virtual or traditional? ), which inclu: easy integration with exist telephone numbers, of enter abbreviat numbers for internal communication, call forward , creat user accounts. Number block rules, generat extension numbers (in any number), the ability to export data , “do not disturb” function transfers , voice announcements and presentation setts for a given user, generat bills, statistics and reports, daily and monthly quota limits, music on hold configuration , access to the record server.

In addition good call center system

Should provi a secretary module with information about the availability of extension lines , BLF ( Busy Lamp Field ). Another significant feature is auto provision . Thanks to this, we can download the IPs of phones previously fin in the server. Instead of Austria Phone Numbers List configur each handset separately us this function, the system will automatically configure the VoIP equipment. In this way, you can download, among others: login, password and server address for automatic camera login, phone book or the current version of your software. Another feature worth pay attention to is Direct Call Pickup , the ability to take over a call from a busy phone or from an absent agent.

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Relat to this option is Group Call Pickup

Transferr a call accord to a select strategy (linear, random, carousel, group) to a given group of numbers, the so-call Hunt groups . IVR (Interactive Voice Response) IVR ( interactive voice response) is a system of interactive caller service. Thanks to this BTC Database EU function, we can present an individual voice announcement, and our customers can be direct to the appropriate paths, lead to the partment that will solve their problem. A good call center system does not exist without this feature. IVR provis the follow facilities: rirect on overflow, rirection pends on the availability of consultants and individual queues (includ fin exceptions, holidays), voicemail sett.

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