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Set a goal for the. The system will notify you and the consultant about its execution. The Focus Contact Center system collects all consultants’ work data – the number of calls ma, the time of handling requests, the number of clos cases Display them in the form of statistics and rankings on the wallboard . The system updates them in real time, so each consultant’s success will be immiately notic. Everyone will also see how much they are missing from the first place or the achievement of the goal. When someone comes out ahead – in the number of complet surveys – announce it. Send a message to everyone or display a message on the wallboard . Thanks to the contact center work.

Management options in the system

Can award rewards that your consultants will actually feel. Everyone likes breaks from work. The consultant ma twice as many calls per hour as the average? Give him the right to take an extra break during the day until the end of the week. The consultant has sold the most or has the most positive feback from customers? Assign him to the queue with the best customers. Gamification in the contact center – do it right or don’t do it at all Bonus at the end. Remember a few rules: although it is a game, it is not fun – it is primarily intend to serve your business goals and cannot overshadow them; players must unrstand the rules of the game – keep them as simple as.

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Possible and the prizes measurable

Sure to obtain the consent of employees – playing “force” will effectively motivate them. The “blacklist” is an important mechanism to protect customers from unsolicit commercial information – and you from penalties. However, you will achieve the best BTC Database EU results by using a combination of solutions in your contact center, combin with well-thought-out procures. You can synchronize it with The Robinson List, run in Poland by the Polish Marketing Association SMB. The Blacklist, The Robinsons List – and what else? In the previous post , we mention the blacklist about tools that minimize the risk of contact with recipients who do not want such contact.

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