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Team managers see at a glance what communication with clients looks like – how quickly they are serv by consultants, how busy consultants are, what they are doing at the moment. Conversations are record and can be us for training purposes, it is also possible to intercept conversations with clients and prompt live consultants who have difficulties. Such work of BDC is, of course, a complete change of communication processes in the salon. However, it is a step towards morn, structur communication and an opportunity to significantly improve sales results.

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Our customers in the industry, we answer: of course! Trends in the Contact Center in 2021. What can we expect from 2020, which was a year of extraordinary challenges? In 2020, we could witness a massive shift to remote work , crises in various Indonesia Mobile Number List industries, to rapid velopment in others. Unr the influence of the situation, many companies ma major structural changes using new technologies. It chang the organization of customer service and sales around the contact center tool, not only to face the business challenges caus by the epimic, but above all to provi its customers with a constant or better level of service.

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Processes in the organization, and not only the implementation and use of the tool, gives an opportunity for velopment, even in a crisis situation, which will still accompany us at least for a large part of 2021. So what will be the trends in the contact center BTC Database EU in 2021? So what would. we like to sensitize to companies that are consiring implementing a contact center system in their company? What should you pay. special attention to. What do we consir most important? Moving to the cloud is key We can see that the COVID-19 epimic and the relat restrictions on moving work from the office to homes have significantly increas the pennce of companies on cloud solutions.

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