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That is why it is worth provid call center employees with all possible support, strengthen them in everyday activities and prevent rotation . It is an investment that always pays off. Sources: How to velop call center employees? The contact center of the future. New technologies as contact center trends for What technologies will be ne in the contact center of the future? Innovations in this industry are sirable because they improve the work of telemarketers, increas their efficiency. New technologies are also useful in customer service, displac traditional forms of contact. It also fundamentally changes the call and contact center itself. New technologies are also chang expectations regard service standards.

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Associat with a much faster response time to their actions. and multi-channel communication and flexibility are also increasly expect . The contact center of the future Much has been written about the cance of the call center industry and the South Korea Phone Numbers List extinction of the telemarket profession. Forecasts for this market have really seem uninterest so far, because multi-channel communication is gradually eliminat the telephone as the most common means of contact, transferr a heavy burn to chat or e-mail. It turns out, however, that the announcement of the ath of call and contact centers was finitely premature, although it is certain that they will not survive in the same form.

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That will change them into centers for multi-channel communication with the customer, focus on the high quality of customer experience , customer experience. What favors the velopment of the contact center of the future? Artificial intelligence BTC Database EU Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) is a new technology that enables the automation of process elements. This is finitely the number trend in the contact center of the future. It is expect that in the next years almost % of telemarket center positions will be liquidat, and their place will be taken by bots. However, accord to data from the Gartner C RM Vendor Gui Report from , by , % of all interactions in customer service will be perform by AI.

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