Increase the average order value average order value

Lorem ipsum doloThe beauty of this second method is that it doesn’t cost anything. You sell to customers who have “Opened their wallets” to buy or to customers who are already customers and have trusted you with their money.


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Directly sales will increase

When the average order value increases, sales will increase even if the number of customers does not increase. Right?

The problem is, how do you increase the average order value?

We can increase the average order value in many ways.

One way is to offer upsells & cross-sells.

Upsell : offering a more expensive residential phone numbers model product or adding add-ons, or a warranty related to the original product. For example, iphone 8 64 gb model, upsell iphone 8 128gb or 256 gb model, along with a 3 year extended warranty

Cross-sell : offering other products related to the original product to be purchased together. For example, for iphone 8 products, cross-sell products such as headphones, wireless charging, power banks and so on

In addition, we can also offer free shipping for purchases that reach a certain value. In this way we encourage customers to buy more in order to increase the overall average order value.


The frequency of orders increases sales will increase

Imagine if you managed to make customers who normally buy with you once a year act to buy with you once a month. How about your sales business after that? Exploding? Yes of course!

But it is not an easy thing. We need an BTC Database EU efficient & efficient customer management system like an e-commerce system. That also requires setup and a deep understanding of understanding customer data.

If we don’t have a system yet, what can be done is to follow up manually one by one. Crispy but at least it doesn’t cost as much as getting new customers.


I believe that combining the three strategies above at the same time is the most effective and economical way to increase your business sales. I hope readers benefit from my writing this time. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section.

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