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Similarly customer service and telemarket must transform to meet the requirements of the morn consumer. (You can read more about this in the article Omnichannel and digital market. Can we expect their merger in ?) CRM and Contact Center. So what’s the difference between these two systems? Apparently, as many as % of people are unable to fine this difference. And both of these systems are common technologies that significantly improve sales results and the quality of customer service. It’s finitely worth know more about them. Therefore, in this article we will try to br them closer. what are they? CRM is a customer relationship management system used in business.

Obtained as a result of establish contact

It is a database that is created from the information  between the company and the customer and allows access to this data and use it to increase customer satisfaction with the service. Contact Center Software opens and provis communication Spain Phone Numbers List channels (telephone, e-mail, SMS, social media, chat, etc.) between the company and the client, and also helps in their management Рthat is, it allows you to connect the client with the right resources . What is their purpose? CRMs are supposed to improve the so-called. Customer Experience , support market processes, sales and customer service by focus attention on customer needs and adapt to them.

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Information about the customer

The process managed by CRM is the flow of, used to build customer trust and loyalty based on his positive experience with the company . Thanks to CRM, sellers and customer service have all information related to a given contact in one place, all interactions and their status are record, thanks to which they do not lose sales opportunities and BTC Database EU can maintain a high-level relationship. Unlike CRM, Contact Center Software is not a database , although it also collects it. Its main goal is to match individual customers to the company’s resources – that is, based on the collected or recognized information, direct the customer to the best and fastest service.

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