If we don’t start learning from now


Marketplace is also one of the good platforms to try if you are new to ecommerce. Anyway, after playing the marketplace, I recommend that we use our own ecommerce website. Don’t put all your eggs in someone else’s basket.
Payment gateway – there are now many payment gateway options with much cheaper rates per transaction due to competition. In the past, the charge per transaction might have been more than 3%, now payment gateway providers are forced to reduce the charge to 2.5% and there are payment gateway providers that use the applicable fixed charge per payment transaction.

Market behavior has started to change

If 10 years ago, the malaysian market was very skeptical about ecommerce. But now not anymore. We see every year lazada releases purchase data every time after a massive promotion. Double figures every year. Then we can see shopee as a new player in the market place arena starting to challenge lazada.

The clash of these two giants will BTC Database EU benefit end users in terms of service, better price options, and at the same time form the habit of users to buy online on the website.

Some people say, malaysians prefer to buy on whatsapp. The perception may be correct but it cannot be supported by data. There is not a single unified data that has been collected that can confirm the overall sales on whatsapp in 2017 increased compared to 2016. And so on.

On the other hand, for ecommerce, we can refer to the data released by many sources including statista.Com below.

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