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It is worth changing the approach to a more farsight one and not focusing on the here and now. And if the problem is unreliable memory (or the already mention scatter data), you should take care of the appropriate software that will send automatic reminrs about contact with a potential client (Focus sk allows you to send such alerts). This way, no potential customer will miss you. Mistake Not investing in your customer service team Every company should constantly velop. This also means the velopment of the customer service team and its skills. It is worth taking care of appropriate ( tailor to the business profile) training that will make your consultants, firstly, better perform their duties, and secondly, they will feel confint and comfortable in communication with the client.

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IndustriesĀ  where the client often already has a lot of knowlge on a given topic. Let’s take an example from our industry offering software to an Bahrain Mobile Number List automotive company is different from the seemingly the same process during talks with a consulting company. If your employees do not know how to adjust the offer to the changing nes of their recipients, it may turn outĀ  feel that this place is not worth their attention and will go elsewhere. Solution? Regular investment in the team. Expanding his knowlge and sales skills. ucation about new solutions on the market.

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All of this will help them do their job better. Error No automation We have already partially mention this. Automation of customer service inclus a number of activities that must be perform when handling a given request, assigning a contact to an agent BTC Database EU servicing it, assigning a new call/ to a given customer, collecting information about previous communication, creating replies to s, conducting satisfaction surveys. These simple activities can take a really long time, especially when we multiply their number by the hundrs of calls and s we receive every day. The Focus sk platform allows you to spe up and often automate most of them.

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