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Of operation here tools such as PageSpe ​​Insights or GTMetrix will help you compare,  test not only the home page, but also a sample article category, simplicity of construction – excess animations additional scripts not only slow down page loading, but also often hinder proper indexing of content , most importantly, distract the reader. If you want to know more about the correct technical design of your blog, check out the article: Creating a website for SEO – where to start? Be careful with plugs! The great advantage of WordPress is the ability to install plugins – add-ons that extend the CMS capabilities, making it easier to make changes, adding interesting functionalities or simply making the message more attractive.

Regular updating of WordPress theme

So it seems that this is the solution to all the problems of the blog owner – there is no functionality, so we install the plugin the trouble is over. In theory, it’s true, in practice – each install plugin slows down the website – minimally, but still. So there is no problem when we install a few larger a few smaller add-ons. But when it turns out that there are dozens Japan Phone Number List of them, half of which are  content.This has a negative impact not only on the positioning of the blog, but above all on its reception by readers the work of content authors Let’s also not forget that an attempt to update a system modifi in this way is a kind of roulette – you don’t know what will break first.

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Seemingly insurmountable problem

By the way, it is worth mentioning that plugins is a must-have item on the blog owner’s to-do list. This has a positive effect on the spe of the website, its security functionality, thus indirectly on SEO activities. If you are looking for add-ons that will help BTC Database EU you position your blog, be sure to check out The SEO Framework or Yoast SEO blog positioning – seo plugin For trouble – developer From the point of view of a novice blogger, the list of technical issues worth paying attention to is long vague. Therefore, if the Internet fails because the present tips are mutually exclusive or are too advanc incomprehensible – it is worth seeking help from developers. A short consultation with a friend or recommend web developer often makes a have an easy solution.

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