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One of the main areas of the program is digitization. The  of how much emphasis the state puts on the digitization of public administration services. Cloud solutions are growing in importance in the entire process, in the regulations of the Digital Municipality program. Cloud in public administration offices As we read on the website portalsamorzadowy Solutions ma available in the form of SaaS (software as a service) services, for which the maintenance cost is minimal due to the fact that there are no burns relat to infrastructure or the work of qualifi staff maintaining a given system, have become more and more popular.

Work on building a private cloud

For public administration has been ongoing since . Both the government and entrepreneurs see the benefits of moving public services to the Costa Rica Mobile Number List cloud. As Agnieszka Zielińska, commercial director of Polcom says Transferring the velopment of public services to a cloud platform is burn with a much lower investment risk and allows to significantly spe up the process of livering a readyma solution. The flexibility and scalability of cloud resources allows you to open new projects, also as tests, which is difficult to say in the case of the on premise mol (purchase of IT infrastructure for the nes of a given project.

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Above initiatives are only select examples

In principle, any public service can potentially be transferr from traditional infrastructure to the cloud mol, while maintaining an appropriate level BTC Database EU of security. We can conclu that public administration in the cloud is the future of eservices. What tools will be us in offices and help facilitate the work of officials? tools in the cloud that will facilitate the daily work of officials Virtual Telephone Exchange The inability to reach the office by phone is one of the frequent reasons for the frustration of citizens who try to contact public administration units.

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