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The current value of the receivables with interest e-mai Regard The btor will see an SMS on his phone in the following form: “Good morning Mr. Marcin! On January , , the repayment date for the cash loan in the amount of PLN , expir. The current value of the receivables with interest is PLN , . Please contact me regarding a convenient payment date, tel. , e-mail: [email protected] . Regards, Anna Kwak. Another way to use SMS in bt collection is mass mailing. A command is set in the system to send SMS messages automatically (without engaging the bt collector), bas on a template. For example, to all btors who did not answer phone calls in the last week. The bt collector handles “manually” only SMS replies.

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Out phone numbers that are not answer. If the system notes that the SMS has not been read within hours, it means that there is no point in calling this number anymore. Technique – Email templates Similarly to SMS templates, it is worth List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers using e-mail templates in communication with btors. There are two reasons. Firstly , templates spe up work tremendously . Secondly, they protect against the risk of using unlawful or insufficiently persuasive terms by less skill bt collectors. Technique – Intification of the telephone number What happens in the bt collection office when the btor’s phone rings? First, we frantically termine who we’re aling with (unless it’s the company we’re collecting fourteen million from.

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Previous arrangements. And finally – a specific conversation with the btor. Such a process is time-consuming and does not facilitate reliable negotiations. And this time, morn technology in bt collection will come to the rescue – thanks to the BTC Database EU intification of the telephone number , all information about the btor from whom the call has been answer automatically appears on the computer screen of the bt collector – already at the time of answering the call. The bt collector does not waste time intifying the btor or searching for his data. He immiately jumps into a fact-bas conversation. Technique – Automatic task calendar bt collection, especially with high bts, is usually a long-term process and requires constant monitoring.

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