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First the most important ones. As a result it will be clear what to focus on what can be completely abon. Step Scope MVP We ne to find the golden mean. If there is only a framework the so-call application skeleton it will not be able to perform the main task. It is also. Not necessary to make it too “thick” because weighting will lead to slow development an increase in price. Ideally create a schematic plan in which to paint the functions by priority. Then it becomes visually clear what volume of the minimum viable product should be. Step Choose the most appropriate method for managing developing an MVP Only from this stage the development of MVP technically begins.

The interaction between developers

A lot of work is done in the course of analytics but the quality of the final product the success of its launch depend on it. However there is development ahead that nes to be manag. You can choose one of the following project management methods LEAN It implies an approach in which developers abon design decisions work according Pakistan Phone Number List to the “create-measure-learn” pattern. The point is to get fast feback make the first version of a working product as fast as possible improve the product as you gather data. SCRUM This approach can be call sprint. Each project participant receives a task must complete it by the appoint time. All processes are monitor the Scrum Master controls.

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Version of the minimum viable product

A method for solving problems in the course of their formation. There is no cyclical progression as soon as the task is set it is brought to the ideal after which the specialists proce to solve the next task. Ideally works after the launch of the first. xp Extreme BTC Database EU programming allows you to create an MVP very quickly with the ability to scale. No attention is paid to design details. The bare code is made to make the application work. then the shell design is develop the functionality is scal. The choice of method depends on the tasks. Experts must determine which of the development methods is most suitable. Step Use alpha beta testing Alpha testing is an internal analysis of the application in which the product is evaluat.

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