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Effects Automation in customer service processes brs the follow benefits: Accept % of notifications addressed to BOK, even with a heavy load, thanks to automation. Reduc the average time of handl requests by % in compared to . Shorten the average wait time for a connection with BOK by % ​​in compared to . Complete elimination of requests with exceed SLA time .You can joke as much as you like that “the horse is what it is, everyone can see it”. Of course, when we al with traditional sales and customer service – we “see”, we react to the person, their facial expressions, gestures, behavior.

Tailored to the customer’s needs

Directly it is much easier to offer a personalized service. But regardless of whether we work with the client directly or remotely, we should take care of Customer Experience. If our work consists in remote service, the arsenal of means at our disposal to Denmark Cell Phone Number List read and unrstand the customer’s needs is much smaller. In sales or direct service, context is of key importance and is helpful for the consultantseller. In sales, or online or telephone service – the person the consultant talks to is invisible, which is why the context is much more difficult to read. The lack of such a context can become a serious barrier to establish a relationship and may increase the number of service errors ma by the consultant.

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The customer is our master? Establish

Relationship with the client is crucial for shap a better Customer Experience , which should be one of our strategic goals. The latest KPMG report (Digital) customer is BTC Database EU our master” clearly shows that customer perception of the brand directly pends on Customer Experience, and thus translates into brand loyalty and, of course, sales. So we are start the race for better service quality . Meet customer needs We already know that a morn customer places more and more mands on his service provir. Therefore, in orr to build a positive customer experience, companies must adapt to their needs and even anticipate them.

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