The plann stages of digital transformation


They enable the use of the interview for train, support to employees. They can also be a good material to work with a specific client. The support in question is also possible remotely an experienc employee can prompt a less experienc employee live in a more difficult conversation and listen to the conversation without be a participant in it from the customer’s point of view. Multichannel communication Good contact center software should support and collect information com from all communication channels you use and enable data analysis. Thanks to this, you can personalize contacts and offers and maintain a high level of customer relations.

Automatic polls They will be useful

Especially in ecommerce, but not only. They allow you to leave a customer opinion about the service, product, etc. Customer opinions are an invaluable source of information for us about how our company is actually perceiv. That is why it is worth Singapore Mobile Number List acquir and analyz them and thanks to them we can change in accordance with the nes of our clients. Automatic callbacks after fail contact attempts ( callback ) Thanks to them, we will not leave any inquiries unanswer, and the client will feel treat with respect and individually. Effective supervision over the work of consultants Remote work in customer service requires supervision of consultants. Otherwise, it is not possible to ensure compliance with service quality standards.

Phone Number List

To facilitate effective remote supervision

By consultants the system also provis access to reliable management tools, includ Wallboard – It allows you to display the current results of the agents’ work and goals for the day, visible to all employees. With this tool, you can transparently motivate BTC Database EU employees to achieve the set goals and monitor the results. You can set up separate wallboards for employees, managers and company management. Online monitor, agent control and support the ability to view the statistics of incom call queues and the wait or ongo calls themselves, along with the option of tak a select call.

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