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On the one the amendment provides for an increase in taxfree amounts in each of the three tax groups, on the other h, introduces limits for these amounts over a period of five years per person or , per person if the purchaser is a person classifi in the first tax group; , , for one person or , for many people if the buyer is a person classifi in the second tax group; , , per person or , per person if the buyer is a person classifi in the third tax group. Upper limits on multiperson donations are in place to prevent money laundering There is a risk of avoiding of PIT from the socall undisclos income by declaring its receipt as donations, explain the Ministry of Finance.

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Divergent case law, the Ministry of Finance sees no problem Proceings for undisclos income Tax proceings regarding undisclos income may Denmark Cell Phone Number List apply to any person who spends more than the income earn. Tax authorities in their systems store information on the amounts indicat in tax returns on transactions that are subject to the tax on civil law transactions. They also collect data on donations inheritances, not Michał Cielibała, President of the Management Board of the BIUREX Accounting Office, founder of the TaxMania Tax Academy.

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Is the basis for selection for control For many years, taxpayers have had a chance to prove large amounts of donations that did not have to be report to the head of the tax office. The current amendment to the act introduces limits on donations from many BTC Database EU people, thus it will be much more difficult to defend against the allegations of the tax office emphasiz Michał Cielibała. Read in LEX Strzelec Dariusz, Evidence in proceings regarding undisclos sources of income Price for you Inheritance Gift Tax Act. Comment Pawel Borszowski,The amendment is beneficial, but it nes improvement Taxpayers have long been waiting for an increase in the socall amounts exempt from inheritance gift tax.

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