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We can use the Ukrainian keyboard both when into the Translator, but also when we want to send a message in a foreign language. An interesting function may also be the translation of words into Ukrainian as you type them. read on Fighting disinformation how to report fake news? False information spreads much faster on the Internet than the truth. March . The Internet Social Mia Research Institute has record over , disinformation attempts in the space of Polish social mia on the topic Ukraine war Russia. Internet trolls try to create panic by posting false information, on the lack of cash in ATMs, radioactive contamination, or riots on the Polish-Ukrainian borr. How can each of us fight disinformation.

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Suggest read on How to create run a support group on Facebook? million Poles have a Facebook account. Probably most of them belong to one or more Facebook groups that unite people with similar interests. Groups are also us by many Lithuania Mobile Number List social organizations, activists local activists who use them to engage their communities. In recent days, due to the war in Ukraine the wave of refugees who came to Pol, groups are a very important place for exchanging information. What is worth knowing about groups how to help on Facebook through them? We suggest how to do it wisely! read on How to protect privacy ensure safety on the Internet.

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More more of our activities are moving online, it is hard to overestimate the value of data security privacy. Today, we are responsible in this matter not only for ourselves. Our actions, or lack of them, may pose a threat to the people we help with BTC Database EU whom we cooperate. However, we are not fenceless. Sensitivity, following a few basic rules consciously choosing communication channels can significantly affect our cybersecurity. Gosia Fraser, an inpennt journalist aling with the impact of technology on human rights the velopment of societies, gave us specific advice on this subject. read on Location sharing from your smartphone – get found Maps messaging applications allow you to easily send links to places locations.

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