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Technique – Automation of calling btors All activities. That can be automat should be taken off the shoulrs of the bt collector. The most time-consuming are activities relat to telephone conversations – dialing the btor’s number, waiting for a connection. Terminating the connection when it turns out that it has been rirect to voicemail, or the number is busy or inactive. These activities can be perform by a computer program for the bt collector. Saving his valuable time. Using the  mo (call prictive dialer ), the bt collector only als with receiv calls. The prictive dialer works in such a way that while the bt collector is talking to the previous btor or taking notes from the conversation, the system itself initiates a connection to the next btor.

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Not waste any time on it. This is the most. Effective way to use the bt collector’s working time – he conducts negotiations, instead of “hanging on the phone” waiting for a connection. On average, only out of calls to btors are answer! Technique – Voicemail Northeast Mobile Phone Number List tection Regardless of whether the bt collector manually calls. The btor or using the prictive dialer function – a lot of time will be lost on calls to voicemails. How to avoid it? The solution is the module for tecting such connections . There are different types of such modules on the market. The classic ones work in such a way that after calling the e-mail, they analyze the content of the record statement.

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When they classify it as an automaton

The connection is interrupt. This is a big time saver. Thanks to this, the bt collector not only does not listen to voicemails, but also does not make unnecessary calls to numbers whose user is known in advance that their user will not answer the BTC Database EU call. Want to learn how to choose an effective voicemail tection solution? We encourage you to read the article: Voicemail tection – the most effective solution. Technique – Number rotation After the first conversation regarding the repayment of the bt, the btor remembers the telephone number of the bt collection partment and never answers calls from this number again. It is often self-feating – penalty interest is charg, but the btor is afraid of negotiations.

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