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Compliance with them guarantees the effective course of the teleconference. Also, remember to use a reliable tool . Otherwise , technical problems will join. Organizational difficultiesTeleconference time Start on time , don’t wait for latecomers. If you do this. Be late for teleconferences will become the norm in your company. keep an eye on the. Duration of individual parts of the meet – accord to the agenda – and timely completion. . Notes dur. Teleconference signate a person to take notes of the meet. If you’re in charge of a meet, you can’t take notes. Start of the teleconference check the attendance list . When people who don’t know each other participate in the meet, introduce them or encourage them to introduce themselves.

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Of the lear is passed on to the participants. Purpose and agenda – although you sent it in the invitations, you need to remind here why you are meet and what you will discuss in turn. If issues are raised at the beginn of the meet that are not on the Hong Kong Phone Numbers List agenda, leave them for discussion at the end. rules – introduce the rules of communication: short statements, introductions before each statement, breaks for comments from other interlocutors, speak clearly and without haste. . Teleconference – activation of participants in progress Silencers – pay attention to participants who have been silent for too long and encourage them to participate with questions.

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If you’re lost in thought, even a simple “Do you think that’s a good ia, Michael?” it will tear him out of blissful daydream and motivate him to be more active. summaries – after discuss each item on the agenda, ask each participant individually for any BTC Database EU questions or comments. You can even ask them about the most important th they heard. Al with overly hot conference callers Don’t be afraid to use mut participants (after tell them about it) and giv the floor. Participants will value valuable time more than your gentleness . . Breaks dur teleconferences For longer meets, do min. – minute breaks every hour or hour and a half. Even if no one wants a coffee or needs to go to the toilet, breaks help to refresh the mind.

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