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When to start campaign planning The pre-Christmas campaign should have a clear goal. As you can guess, it is usually about reaching a certain number of new customers or achieving a certain level of sales. However, you ne to determine what exactly you want to achieve with your ad. This is the basis of a well-organiz campaign. However, remember not to leave campaign planning to the last minute. It will be a good idea to analyze the monthly number of searches for specific keywords from the last year This will give you an idea of ​​when users more or less start looking for gifts or specific products. If you are planning a campaign for Christmas, you can check phrases such as “Christmas gifts Christmas gifts etc.

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To determine when to start with your Google Ads ad. It is also worth constantly monitoring the activities of your competitors. If you notice in the run-up to Christmas that they have already start advertising their sites, it will be a signal for you to implement Kazakhstan Phone Number List your campaign as well. For this reason, you should prepare it well in advance – then you will be able to easily adjust its start time. Christmas gifts next to the Christmas tree Set your target group An extremely important aspect of any Google Ads campaign is its target group Seasonal advertising is no different. First of all, think about who you are addressing your offer to or specific products.

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Depending on the occasion. Therefore, you should accurately specify their age, gender or location. Determining the target group is also important in the context of selecting the right keywords. Thanks to them, you will reach select users according to BTC Database EU their shopping preferences. It is also worth using the remarketing option – it will allow you to display ads to people who have already visit your website. Design an advertisement specifically for a specific occasion For the seasonal Google Ads campaign to be effective, remember to design it appropriately. Its appearance text should be adapt to a specific occasion or holiday It is worth that the target page to which the user will be rirect also fits the whole concept.

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