Reality Tv Show For Entrepreneurs


Yesterday I watched a rerun of a reality tv show on astro called shark tank. When checked, it seems that this show is in its 7th season and it started back in 2009. How have I never noticed this show all along?

This show shows how business owners/entrepreneurs who have the potential to grow give pitches in front of billionaire investors called “Sharks”.

The entrepreneurs who appear in this show will give a certain value to the investment in their business and the “Shark” will choose whether to accept the entrepreneur’s offer, negotiate about the value or withdraw due to lack of interest.

What business do you want

It’s a common problem and seems simple on the surface. But believe me there are still many people stuck here. It’s very time-consuming, energy-consuming and consumes every remaining motivation to start a business. Deciding what business cold calling scripts for bankers to start is one of the most difficult steps in starting any business. Due to not being able to make a decision, many people “Postpone” their business intentions until they forget that they ever had the intention to do business.

Start when you are still single. When you are married and have children anyway, time is very short. There are too many other commitments that need to be prioritized other than serving “Business ideas” that do not necessarily bring any results.

My advice if you want to do business

Do you have other reasons that prevent you from starting your own business that we did not list above? Share with us in the comments section!

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