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Transparency of assessments: consultants. Aware of the results of their work on an ongo basis, convenience: automation of routine tasks, the possibility of full-flg remote work. Organization of ATM SA: new opportunities in the field of sales. Customer service, monitor business processes, creat objective incentive programs for employees. Greater and more effective sales of products and services thanks to the standardization and optimization of processes. Change of the cost mol of the solution from CAPEX to OPEX (thanks to the use of the cloud comput mol) faster return on. Investment in train new employees, greater satisfaction of the management and employees of the Customer Service and Telephone Sales partment, faster data exchange between systems.

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Important beneficiary of the project is the client. Each implement solution puts its comfort and nes in a central position: better and faster service. The “Customer Card” function enables automatic recognition of the return person and displays the appropriate Belize Mobile Number List contact card in the Salesforce CRM system to the BOK consultant. Thanks to this, the right consultant immiately obtains the history of interaction with the client and can build an. Individual relationship with him improv the quality of customer service. By correctly intify the caller and properly legat calls. This makes it easier for consultants to meet. The requirements of SLA standards improv customer relationship.

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Repeat verification and examination of the case. This saves time for both the customer and BOK consultants. BOK availability : optimal use of queues, IVR, internal and external transfers allows to achieve almost complete availability and BTC Database EU shorten the time of request handl complete elimination of unresolv requests. Thanks to the integration of many systems. The client is guarante that his case will be handl accord to establish. Standards as soon as possible. SUMMARY: The process of change is a serious challenge for any organization, especially when it affects such key areas as sales, customer service and market. The success of the transformation of ATM SA with the participation of.

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