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Algorithms using ML “learn” each user the history of their. Purchases or the subpages and offers they brows, in orr to prepare a list of recommend products or services on this basis. The effectiveness of such algorithms has been appreciat by the greatest and today. They are wily us by the lears of online services, Netflix . Similar solutions are us to personalize communication , by . We will talk more about this later in the article. Trend morn technologies The ecommerce industry has been veloping at an astonishing pace lately. Along with this velopment, there was a ne for morn solutions enabling customers to familiarize themselves with the product and contact the company efficiently.

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Augment reality (AR) is a good example With the help of the product. Without leaving home, and even make sure that it will suit their interiors. AR is already us by companies such as IKEA, Sephora, Gucci and Sizeer. See how IKEA helps its customers Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List choose the right furniture without leaving home Provi customers with access to solutions that will help them unrstand the products you offer. Other solutions that stores use more and more often inclu the Internet of Things, virtual reality, searching for products using images and placing orrs using voice (voice commerce). Although most of them operate mainly in online stores, other companies should also watch them closely and look for opportunities to use them in their business.

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Trend customer service automation

Is artificial intelligence (AI) the trend of the. Future in customer service? finitely yes. There are really many technologies that use AI, the ones whose potential is constantly growing today are chatbots and voicebots. Both solutions are an important BTC Database EU communication channel with the company. Both parties benefit from this the client does not have to wait in a queue to settle his case, and the company can provi quick contact / without the ne to increase employment. As a result, the number of such virtual assistants is growing dynamically. According to data from Mordor Intelligence , the cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of this sector will be over at least until.

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