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The problem of communication arises – how  the results of the complex creativity of specialists to the imagination of the customer Practice shows that the best tool for this is visualization. Mind map allows you to visually express the logic of the site from the main page to separate sections; from individual sections to individual pages. To make it even clearer key pages are best represent as prototypes. We try to show the customer several design options get maximum feback at the start of work. Visualization of the client’s request increases his interest in the development helps to maintain his involvement. Without this it is very difficult to create a product that is really useful for business the customer the developer must become one team.

Maximum visibility removes lot questions

Elps to create a trusting atmosphere in the work. How do we use the mind map Website logic In the course of development the project may change very significantly. The project map is also useful here because it is much easier to make changes to it than Taiwan Phone Number List in design documents. Mind map gives an understing of where the project is heading at what stage it is. This is important for both the customer developers. Of course the mind map is not magic. This practice works well when it has a substantive nature – it serves to demonstrate the essence of ideas not for marketing tricks.

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Ervices management companies Content Why CRM for a management company Advantages of CRM integration for housing communal services CRM functions for a management company Stages of CRM development How the CRM system development BTC Database EU budget is form Individual CRM for housing communal services management companies from Wezom Management companies housing communal services are structures that ne digitalization. This will allow us to change the approach to activities improve the quality of customer service control all processes in a timely manner. In addition CRM for the management company will ruce the cost of maintaining the enterprise by increasing the efficiency of interaction with residents.

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